It’s important  for you to know a little about us :

Our History

Veronica_of_the_Passion_(1823-1906)Our History


The seed of the Apostolic Carmel was sown in the heart of a woman who little realized the greatness of the mission God was entrusting to her. Born as Sophie Leeves, the daughter of an Anglican Minister, she was led by God first to the Catholic faith in 1850 and then to the religious life as a sister of St.Joseph of the Apparition in the following year, where she took the name of Sister Mary Veronica of the Passion. Being sent to India in 1861, she felt an interior call to Carmel, not understanding where it would lead her.

At this time, the Carmelite bishops of the West Coast of India were experiencing the need for a teaching Order of Carmelite Sisters to further the work of the Missions. Mother Veronica’s call to Carmel seemed to be a providential response to this need. Under the guidance of Fr. Marie Ephrem, she came to accept her mission to fount this new congregation. After much struggle and many difficulties Mother Veronica found admission into the novitiate of the Carmel of Pau where she imbibed spirit of Carmel as one born to it.

The Apostolic Carmel was founded by Mother Veronica at Bayonne in 1868, and established at Mangalore India in 1870, by Bishop Marie Ephrem O.C.D. prevailing circumstance resulted in the closure of the novitiate house at bayonne in 1873. The Foundress then entered the Carmel of Pau where she died in 1906.

The work begun by Mother Veronica was not to die, however, for it was the work of Divine Providence. It was kept alive through the instrumentality of her successors.

The little seed sown in the heart of Mother Veronica over a hundred and forty five years ago has now grown into a mighty tree. Today Sister cater to the needs of children in high school and primary schools, teacher training institutions, Degree College and technical school which are conducted both in the  regional languages and English medium, as well  as in hospitals, creches, children’s homes, hostels and urban areas in India and Sri Lanka, reaching even to Pakistan, Kuwait, Kenya, Italy and Bahrain.

Rooted in the contemplative spirit of Carmel, and nourished by its life of prayer and missionary zeal, the Apostolic Carmel expresses the vitality of the Church through its fruitfulness in the active apostolate of education and other works of mercy.

Our History and Inspiration:

Mount Carmel Junior College is an offshoot of the Congregation of the sisters of the Apostolic Carmel, which has a specific goal in view. The Junior College has been started to respond to the growing need for a Catholic education. Due to the demands of parents, and the present need to upgrade the High school, the foundation for the Junior College was laid on Nov 19, 2009 and classes will commence with effect from July 2013.The college is named after Our Lady of Mount Carmel, from whom our students will learn openness to God’s all sufficing love that will enable them to accept life’s situation in a deep spirit of faith. The college is devoted to the advancement of education in all its aspects, primarily for the benefit of catholic women and children, and students from all section of society.

It started as an English medium school at Nana Peth in 1943 to provide Catholic girls with the sound religious and value based education. The college is open to girls irrespective of caste, creed or status. Religious freedom is assured and students, who are admitted, are expected to be loyal to the institution and responsible young women.

The Apostolic Carmel sisters are known for their services in the field of formal and non formal education in India and abroad. They manage schools and colleges, with Degree Colleges in Mangalore, Goa, Kozhikode and Patna, and now in recent years, several Junior Colleges as well.

The Junior College is recognised by the Government of Maharashtra, Maharashtra state Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Pune. At present we offer Humanities, Commerce and Science courses.

Our Vision

Our Vision


Called to live in God’s presence and sharing in Christ’s mission to transform the world in live, we the Sisters of the Apostolic Carmel, like Mary and our Foundress Mother Veronica, by our lives of consecration:

  • Strive to draw out the full potential of our students and especially of the women we educate.
  • Foster in them the rich values of Christian and cultural heritage so they are urged to respond to life’s challenges with joy and courage that is rooted   in prayer, and committed to serve society as responsible citizens.
  • A special thrust of our educational effort is an active concern for the formation of authentic Christians imbibed with the sense of mission to our country and the world.

This then is the challenge we present to you dear students of Mount Carmel. We invite you to strive from the very start to acquire these qualities, so that each of you can become beautiful and unique persons. God has meant you to make your contribution to the peace, progress and prosperity of your family, school, country and the whole world.


We draw our inspiration from Christ who willed the total development of every person as also from our Foundress Mother Veronica.

Our Aim is to form integrated women

  • Capable of responding to life’s challenges with joy and a deep faith in God
  • Guided by right values in their choices and decisions
  • Enriched by our cultural heritage
  • Committed to the service of our people.
Our College Anthem

Our College Anthem

Children of Mount Carmel

Hear our Mother’s call!

‘Gainst the foe advancing

Forward one and all

Trusting to our standard

Loyal let us be,

God will give to us the victory!


Chorus: Though the battle rages,

What have we to fear?

In the wildest conflict

God is ever near

Trusting to our standard,

Loyal let us be,

God will give the Victory!



Mother of Carmel

All that is BEAUTIFUL and to be cherished In the Apostolic Carmel is summed up in   MARY QUEEN OF CARMEL.


       Mother of Carmel, pray for me,

        I want to love and love like thee.

       Teach me to pray with faith in God,

       Show me the way that leads to my Lord.


Teach me to see whats right and wrong,

And with sound values guide me along.

Service to all your aim was indeed,

True citizen be and help all in need.


Our Prayers

Our Prayers

Before Class

O Almighty and Eternal God, our Lord and Master, we adore you and we love you above all created things. We wish to begin this day with you. Abide in us Heavenly Father and with your all sufficing love sustain us. May your light shine in us and through us, and may your blessings rest upon us and on all whom we love.


Prayer after Class

God our Father, we thank you for bringing us safely to the close of this day. We thank you for all the help and tender care and love for us. Grant that we may always love you and not offend you. Bless our teachers, friends and all those whom we met today. Help us to remember the good things we have learned. Be with us till we get back home.



Making the best available for our students

Our girls do well and keep fit

An active body helps have an active mind

Success well rewarded

The biology lab well equipped

The Physics lab where each ones gets their own equipment

Vernier callipers

Learning about electricity

The Chemistry lab

The Bunsen burner

We participate in Science Exhibitions and win!