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Sr. Anisha AC

Sr. Anisha AC



Message from the Principal

The word Carmel (Hebrew language means “fresh” (planted), or “vineyard” (planted) and Karmiel (Hebrew meaning “God’s Vineyard”. The word is also commonly used in reference to the Carmelites and their houses or foundations. From the title of the Virgin Mary Our Lady of Carmel. (meaning “garden” in Hebrew) is a mountain in Israel mentioned in the Old Testament, with luxuriant growth of medicinal plants aromatic herbs and flowering trees. It is no wonder that we the Apostolic Carmelites are so closely related to nature and environment.

We are all living in times when the cry to save our environment has reached its climax. Every aspect of our life is being swept up by this wave. Everyone is making a conscious effort of being eco–friendly. Our students of Std XII Arts and Commerce of Mount Carmel Junior College, Pune, gladly joined the, ‘Save Environment’ Rally of 2019 that was conducted recently by the Pune Diocese for Catholic Schools. It was an awareness that helped create eco-ties with the earth.

Going back to the creation of the world, the Bible begins with the Creation which is the very foundation of God’s plans. God willed creation as a gift to us and entrusted it to human beings. Thus the earth is our home built by God’s creative love. Ecology which we speak about so much reflects God’s goodness, his perfection and his presence. The whole earth itself is full of God’s glory.

Our rishis, sages and Gurus encountered God in nature and found peace and harmony and refreshed their souls as they sat in meditation beside the banks of the rivers, under the trees, in the forests or on the mountains. God resided there and so it was sacred.

What are we doing today to nurture and protect our Mother Earth? Parents and teachers have a bounded responsibility to infuse in our children, this love for God’s creation and a profound sense of wonder and mystery. A subject on Environment Education has been introduced into our syllabus to help them to go deeper and to create awareness of its preciousness, its beauty, and the need to love and care for nature. Through nature we go closer to God as we find him present in it and praise God for the wonder of nature and the wonder of our being. Our students are led to love nature, by instilling the values of seeing the hand of God in nature that is around them, doing nature reflection as they move about, caring for nature and thanking God daily for the beauty of life in them and in every aspect of nature that their eyes can behold on this beautiful God–given clean and green campus of Mount Carmel Junior College. Every part of this earth is sacred to us because it takes us closer to our Creator who made it.  In keeping with protection of our environment, the students of our college have set aside a day in the week to pray and reflect on this theme which is the need of the hour.

So living under the ‘Green Umbrella’ let the ultimate aim be to have environmentally conscious youth who put their knowledge into  Action as they help to improve the environment, prevent its degradation and sustain its well being.

Brief Curriculum Vitae

Brief Curriculum Vitae

  • 35 years a Religious sister in the Apostolic Carmel Congregation
  • 21 years experience as Vice Principal and Principal in Carmel Higher Secondary, Nuvem, Goa.
  • 30 years of teaching experience in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Nandakhal, Pune and Goa.
  • A. in English, B.Ed
  • Diploma in Youth Ministry and Faith Education.
  • Member of the Executive Committee of the Archdiocese Board of Education, Goa for 3 years.
  • Edited the Western Province magazine of the Apostolic Carmel Congregation for 8 years.
  • 2nd Councillor on the Provincial Team of the Apostolic Carmel, Western Province for 6 years.
  • Represented the Province at the 500th Birth Anniversary of St. Teresa of Avila at Spain.
  • Visited France, Rome and Melbourne(Australia)