Inter-School Inter-College Fest Carmelvenza-2015
Mount Carmel Junior College, Lullanagar was yet again in the spotlight when they hosted and organised CARMELVENZA-2015 on 26th, 27th and 28th of November, 2015 an enriching three-day programme of extra-curricular activities at inter-school inter-college level. Around 300 students from 15 schools from Pune participated in the various activities.
The fest aimed at providing a platform to the latent capabilitiesof the young students, to encourage in them the spirit of competition, cultivate in them all round personalities and help to achieve excellence in extra-curricular activities. These extra-curricular activities were designed to have positive effects on their life skills, soft skills, social skills and also benefit academic accomplishments.
The students could choose to participate in the various activities which included ‘Painting Out Loud’, where they could portray their creative skills in the form of T-shirt making by painting or surface ornamentation to the theme – Dispersion of Light and they had to represent their T-shirt in the form of a story. A host of other activities included Shutterbug a photography competition, The Buzz – an extempore argument on current events, English Debate, General Knowledge Quiz, Science Projects, the German Vocabulary Quiz and Dance Upon a Dream where each team danced to their very own dream. Sister Prescilla Lobo, Principal of Mount Carmel Junior College was instrumental in leading the students, guiding and uniting them to achieve one goal. She also motivated the young students and taught them the value of discipline and self-control due to which the event unfolded smoothly.
The first day of the program was inaugurated by the Chief Guest Mr. Ramchandra Jadhav, Deputy Director Education who delivered valuable inputs to the participants and Sister Marisa Principal of Mount Carmel Convent High School graced the second day of the event with her inspiring and encouraging address.
The event deepened and widened the learning that goes on in classrooms, and gave each student the opportunity to take charge, share their expertise and develop their unique passion and interests. It also allowed students to see faculty members in a different light, as people with outside talents and interests to share. The winners who lifted the Carmelvenza Trophy in the Junior college category were Loyola Junior College and at High School level Mount Carmel Convent High School.
The ultimate aim of the event was to guide the students in the right direction and provide them with the opportunity to develop their skills as well as help them to grow into individuals with creative and open minds.

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December 3, 2015